Sounds of Revolution's Oliver Schmitt about ABACUS Mirra 14: To get straight to it. For me, the 3-way fully active Abacus Mirra 14 is the best studio monitor I have worked with so far.

Before I finally bought it, I requested the test package. The amount was later deducted from the purchase. A good service in my opinion. And what can I say: I was thrilled from the start like never before.

This speaker has made my way of working much easier. I can achieve top results very quickly. My ears don’t get tired with these monitors even after working in the studio for 12 hours. They don’t only look great (I like this horizontal setup), but they also sound great.

There are serious amplifiers and DSP work. The Mirra 14 reaches down to 16Hz and finally, I can work on the sub-low frequencies much better than ever before. They translate insanely well, with a defined and dry bass response. What also surprises me is that the bass can be heard clearly even when listening at quieter levels. With some speakers, the bass is harder to judge at lower volumes. This is a huge advantage for me because I generally don’t listen too loudly. Also, the mid-range sounds incredible and the high-end is tight. Everything was done right here. The speaker is super precise, super honest, and super fast – even in the subs. And the ability to judge the bass/sub-bass very well is extremely important for techno producers.

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